Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Marshall Mathers LP2 (Album Review)

When I say Marshall Mathers, crazy white boy, who despises his mother and Ex-wife almost equally to a point of wishing death upon them comes to mind. But in the world of verbal artistry and lyrical supremacy, this guy is the upper echelon if this business, broke every record known to this rap world and also bearing in mind that this Detroit native had been awarded with a Lifetime Achievement validation.
Eminem just recently dropped his long awaited and deeply anticipated MMLP 2. It has come by no surprise that this product of an executive collaboration of Rick Ruben and Dr. Dre is probably the most exceptional body of work to come out of the hip hop community this year. I do now wish to talk stats, only the impressive creation and multi-characters embodied by the intelligent Mr. Mathers.
In this album he directly indicates that he is indeed aware that he is a "Rap God". It's almost impossible to choose a favourite song from this offering and it has 21 joints that demand high concentration levels and sublime deciphering skills. Never the less, his humour also engulfs and brings about a moment of nostalgia, the way he dabbles in old but classic work of himself. If you're familiar with the rapper you will also know that he has quite a number of gimmicks, that are brought out but the different beats borrowed from either pop or country music; but this is just Slim shady showing off his lyrical prowess and infinite creativity.
I do have to warn you, if your skills at listening aren't as sharp as a samurai sword you might be dragged into starting misguided rumours of Em dissing the many rappers he mentions in a song he did featuring K Dot called “Love Game ”. I suggest a 3 month listening period if you are take in all that Marshall has to offer.
Here's to a fantastic Word Smith who has changed the game plenty, this is indeed another classic hip hop album, we'll be bumping this one until you drop MMLP3, should it ever drop but we are quite aware that there is enough material to make 10 more LP's

written by Thulane Radebe @iamtwiice

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