Wednesday, 24 April 2013

What is Hip-hop and what does it mean to you?

Now here's was'up, my homie sends me a joint fresh from studio and asks me to listen up. I gave an ear and the first thing I could relate to it's that South African accent, items he rhymes about "pierre cardin, the struggle..."

Not saying that we should be looking back and talking about the past but things that  South Africans can relate to and more importantly real life situations. Most catz do talk about it, some talk as they dream and mostly just say a bunch of jibberish as the make up a track.

Milk personally learns, relate and mostly lift my head up when I listen to hip-hop when the world seems unbalanced. Yes there are days when as south african I'd wanna have fun and sit on top of the wall and be on that bump and grind with fantasy but not get high and be clapping without using hands.

Milk finds a mentor, friend, and life lessons from hip-hop.

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